Best Retro Games that You’ll Enjoy Even Today

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2022)

Old is gold and retro is the new trend. And, just why are we telling you this? In the past few years, we’ve seen a load of things from our past come back in a revamped version to become the rage.

Best Retro Games that You’ll Enjoy Even Today

Best Retro Games that You’ll Enjoy Even Today

Likewise, our childhood games, and even those that were older than we can think of, have made a huge comeback now.

So, if retro is your thing, we’ve got a list of top retro games that you will still dig.

This come-back is the latest game people seem to have hooked on to after the Candy Crush craze.

ludo game

A game of four players, this board game is as fun as it gets with each player trying to bring all their 4 tokens into their respective houses before all opponents.

So now, this evergreen board game is available over the internet, and your mobile devices. You get to enjoy this interesting game with your friends over the internet, on the go!

It’s kind of impossible to have lived in India and not played (or at least heard of) rummy because of its popularity in our festivals and events.

classic rummy mobile game apk

It’s an absolute crowd pleaser, given the wholesome fun it offers to its player.

Yes, it has got many variations and can be played according to one’s requirement. Plus, you can now play them online on credible sites such as Classic Rummy which offers incredible promotions, varieties and constant fun!

Well, this classic game needs no introduction. It was enjoyed by its players since forever across the globe. And, interestingly, this can never get boring.

pac man retro game

Eating up all the dots to clear it and gaining power-ups with fruits to climb your way to the next levels – oh, what satisfaction!

Many versions of this game have come out and they are all equally fun. Go, find what suits you the best today and re-live the fun!

Did you manage to get till the end of the game and rescue the princess? Well, some of us sure have, and the fun that it brings is just un-explainable – a huge achievement, indeed! There have been many versions such as Mario J, G, L, etc.

super mario retro game
And, if you were a hard core Mario fan, you would definitely know about Mario G – most of those who could reach till the end was because of this version.

In any case, if you haven’t got a chance to rescue your princess, it’s not too late – get to it now. Mario, your princess still might be waiting – do not let her down!

Snake n Ladders
This is a board and dice game that was like our saviour during holidays. Played among 2-6 players, the game progresses with each token moving after the dice is rolled.

snake and ladder retro game
The goal is to escape all the snakes and make it to the top before all the other players. If you’re lucky and land on the number with a ladder, you get a fast-track to the destination which is completely snake-proof.

The thrill of the game can hold you for quite long. But, right when you think you’re almost winning, you could suffer a snake bite that could bring you down from the leading player one moment to the last player next moment.

So, get your board out today or go online to enjoy this exciting game yet again!

Try out these retro games today for a change and take a detour from the same old trending games you’ve been playing. You are sure going to love this change!

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