Best PC Games in 2021: What We’re Playing Right Now

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2021)
best pc games in 2021

Best PC Games in 2021: What We’re Playing Right Now

Best PC Games in 2021: What We’re Playing Right Now

Times keep changing but something that still remains constant are the pc games. No matter whether you switch up to modern devices for better experience or just for that change, PC games will keep pulling you back to that desk and mouse!

As per today, we have a bunch of various games out there for the pc that can get a little daunting to pick the right game.

So, we’ve made the job a little easier for you. Mentioned below are a few of the best pc games for all kinds of players out there.

Best free Online Games for PC in 2021

Name of AppDownload
The Walking DeadPlay Now
Indian RummyPlay Now
Dota 2Play Now
Resident Evil VillagePlay Now
Streets of Rage 4Play Now

Read further as these are a few that one should be playing right now in 2021

The Walking Dead

the walking dead

If you’re someone who loves adventure games, this one’s definitely for you. The very popular nail biting game is back again!

The Walking Dead is a choice-based adventure game where you take on the role of the former professor and a convicted criminal- Lee, who try surviving and escaping the zombie apocalypse while also safeguarding a young girl named Clementine. It is one of the best free online games for Mac & Pc!

Pros Cons
Tough moral choices, detailed graphics & excellent storytellingShort run time

Indian Rummy

indian rummy

A card game that is played with two decks of cards and a total of two jokers. In order for any player to win, they will have to clearly announce, declare and discard the cards accordingly.

Since two decks are used, one pile is open (a stack from the discarded cards) while the other remains closed (pick up a fresh card.

Classic Rummy also has a bunch of various card games and tournaments for the players to skill, enjoy and win.

Pros Cons
Win Real time CashCan get you hooked onto

Dota 2


A multiplayer online battle arena that’s a sequel to the very popular, Defense of the Ancients. It is derived and not to forget inspired by the successful Warcraft 3 game.

Dota 2 is best for those who want to participate in worldwide tournaments or championships against well-known players.

Pros Cons
Faster and accurate response rateTough to master the game

Resident Evil Village

resident evil village

Another well versed Pc game is the Japanese horror video game- Resident Evil. It is sure to keep you engrossed from start to end with it’s thriller and suspense.

The game basically revolves around a man named Ethan Winters who, after a series of events, lands himself in a village filled with mutant creatures.

Pros Cons
Good quality of life movementsTough to master the game

Streets of Rage 4

streets of rage

One of the best free pc games that brings back the feel of arcade games but with a whole new touch of modern polish to make it a tad bit more interesting. This means that the newbies will be just as intrigued as the expert or pro players.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? The game is all about that 80’s gang plot where the players have to cross numerous levels to get to its final destination.

Pros Cons
Can feel each move setDoes not mention the characters statistic views


We hope you found this information insightful and will surely go ahead and download the above games mentioned.

Trust us, they’re the best pc games that can also be downloaded for free. It saves you the hassle of registration and all of that other stuff, taking you straight to the game.

Do give them a try and let us know if it was a hit or a miss for you!

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