Work from Home? 6 Must-Have Apps for Your Android/ios Device

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2021)
work from home 6 must have apps for your android ios device

Work from Home? 6 Must-Have Apps for Your Android/ios Device

Where getting dressed up and going to office every day is the normal thing to do, it seems interesting and comforting when you get the opportunity to sit comfortably in your home and do your work.

’Working from home has always been a luxury which almost every employee wants to have’

List of 6 Must-Have Apps for Your Android/ios Device:

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1.Apps Which Will Help You Be Organized
2.Gaming Apps
3.Apps Which Help You Stay Fit
4.Apps to Connect with Colleagues
5.Meeting Apps
6.Music Apps

“Make Your Work from Home Experience More Efficient and Enjoyable”

1. Apps Which Will Help You Be Organized

It is important to be organized to complete your tasks on time. Apps like ‘EVERNOTE Or ANYDO help you take notes, capture, and prioritize ideas, and projects.

These apps act like to do lists, planner, calendar, and much more. These apps are available to both Android and iOS users.


2. Gaming Apps

Do you love to play online games…? Gaming apps like RUMMY, LUDO KING and CARROM POOL will help you freshen up in the long hours of working.

These games can be played in your quick breaks and boost productivity. Here the rummy game is for Entertainment, you can also earn money by playing rummy card games.

User friendly approach and availability of these apps on both Android and iOS make it more likable for a person to play these games online.

online rummy

3. Apps Which Help You Stay Fit

FITBIT COACH, CURE.FIT FITNESS, and HEALTHIFYME are must have workout apps which help you stay fit. They are free and available on both Play store and App store.

While doing the same monotonous work, you also need to stay healthy and working out is the key.

These apps will help you have a quick workout session at home and stay in shape with dynamic workouts that continually adjust to your feedback, goals and capabilities just like your personal trainer.


4. Apps to Connect with Colleagues

Apps like MICROSOFT TEAMS and SLACKhelp you communicate with your colleagues and friends by integrating all forms of collaboration into one single user interface that includes chats, documents, shared files, meetings, etc. These apps are available on almost every platform.

microsoft teams

5. Meeting Apps

Apps like ZOOM / WEBEX / GOOGLE MEEThave eased our professional lives by helping us attend or conduct our meetings, webinars virtually in an effective way. Using these apps are convenient as they are available on android and iOS.


6. Music Apps

After a tiring day of working at home, music will help you relieve stress.SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC AND JIO SAAVN are some of the top music apps that have a variety of music in almost every language, to cater your likes & choices. These apps are available on all platforms.


Here are Some Benefits for You While Work from Home:

Have more control over your lives: People working from home can organize their work around their home life as they can start or pause work as they please and can plan their day according to their needs.

Being able to give more time to your family: According to a Penn State study, being able to work from home helps to avoid typical conflict situations that arise when a person cannot spend enough time with their family.

Relieve your stress and increase your productivity: Working from home generally improves your satisfaction with your life and workplace. It also increases your productivity due to fewer distracting factors and more comfortable working conditions.

The Bottom Line:

Working remotely reduces chances of workplace discrimination, provides employees with opportunities for freelancing and working on their hobbies.

Companies like Microsoft have embarked on programs to get more employees to work from home and other off-site locales.

About 14% of the U.S workforce gets its job done remotely more than 2 days per week. This practice can faster employee retention, boost worker productivity and slash real estate costs. 

Having these apps in your phone while working from home will give you a full-fledged experience of having a complete, healthy and a productive lifestyle.

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