Activities to Do at Home That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)
activities to do at home that will make your summer awesome

Activities to Do at Home That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

Activities to Do at Home That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

Splash of water and a tub of ice cream is all you need in Summers! But do you know what can make your Summer awesome? There are several activities in the summer season which will make your day Awesome!

To kid’s summer means vacation time, to adults it is a fun time, for grandparents it’s family time, for you it is going to be an amazing time!

All of you must have a bucket list, this summer is the time to just fulfil it and have a memorable time! Especially with friends and family! Do all those things from home which you would have never imagined.

Things to Do at Home That Will Make Your Summer Awesome:

  1. Bring out the Board and Card Games
  2. IPL matches
  3. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  4. Watching the Best Movies
  5. Gardening

Just have a look at this list of things that you can do from home this summer and love it.

Bring out the Board and Card Games

Between busy schedules and deadlines, we have forgotten how fun it is to play board games and card games with friends and family. This is one of the free summer activities we are going to cherish.

A summer afternoon filled with sleeveless t-shirts, shorts and surrounded with family and giggles around your board game or the cards is the best experience anyone could ask for.

There are several board and card games which you can play:


It is a board game played between 2 players. It is a competitive game where the players move the coins on the board strategically in order to win. It is a free summer activity which we will love.

b.Indian Rummy:

It is a virtual card game involving the game of Indian rummy! In this game players use their skills and brain functions to make sets and sequences by the cards given to them.

The player who is able to do it fast in an accurate way will win. Playing this game will top your summer activities list, because it will help you bond with other people, earn real money with rummy, other types of benefits, in addition to round the clock customer support. This is your real shot to fun, happiness, and gains.


It is a board game in which players roll dice to move around the board. During the whole game you have to do the tasks like buying, selling, trading and what not. It is an economic game that explains the rules and regulations of a business.

IPL matches

It’s that time of the year when every single person’s love for cricket is at the highest bar. IPL matches are a constant source of entertainment and enthusiasm for players around the world.

These matches can be considered as the best summer activities. Supporting your city’s team to your favourite teams and players is what IPL is all about.

Checking out the league table, witnessing memorable winning sixes, having big buckets of popcorn and coke. Is there any other activity that sounds so fun? I don’t think so!

Make homemade ice – creams and summer drinks

Well, there’s a chef hidden in all of us! Which comes out especially when it’s summertime!

If I try to remember my childhood summer, all I can remember is eating ice cream, drinking Mumma’s sherbet and playing all day!

We live in the age of YouTube, where everybody can learn how to make things. Make your yummy, mouth-watering ice creams and juices with basic ingredients and relish it.

Mango ice creams and mojitos are our first love. And our summer activities list is incomplete without it. It is a free summer activity with a lot of relaxation.

Start watching Movies and Series

“Oh, that movie? I have been planning to watch it for a long time!”, “Netflix and chill is just not happening!”.

These are the things we keep telling, because all of us have a list of movies and series which we want to watch for a long time but are not able to.

Some of them were suggested to you, some of them just keep coming in your previews. This is the time to do that.

Watch all your best movies and series, complete your list, have new celebrity crushes, and fall in love with the imaginary world. And our summer activities list is incomplete without it.

Start Gardening

Why pay for your fruits and veggies when you possibly grow them for free. It is a productive activity that can improve the aesthetics around you.

You can grow your own flowers or anything that you would like to. Gardening can be relaxing and help you make you happy.

When a person is in union with nature, it is obvious that the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment are mandatory. Start this activity in summer.


So, with this active planning and preparation you are all ready for the happiest summer this time.

Say, “Hello Summer” and make it your favourite season and feel happier. With sunshine and rainbows cherish your laziness this time. And do these best summer activities!

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