Play Rummy and Bid Adieu to Boredom

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2020)

Playing rummy has its own wonderful benefits. And, it also makes for a great game to pass time and get rid of any boredom.

play online rummy when you're bored

Play Online Rummy When You’re Bored

Today, let’s see the different ways that rummy game can add colours to a dull day or simply offer you some much needed fun during any leisure time.

Here are some of the top 5 situations where rummy could come in handy:

1. When You Need a Quick Break
Looking for a quick break? Well, deals rummy offers you instant fun. Try the BO2 variant. It consists of two players and just two deals. Each participant has 160 scores each. The player with the higher score at the end of both the deals becomes the winner. Pretty short and quick + awesome fun!

2. While Traveling
On long journey and need an interesting game to kick up some fun? Best of three (BO3) rummy game is your best bet. It is a pool rummy variant and each game has 3 rounds. The player with the lowest point at the end of three games becomes the winner.

However, if the points difference between 2 players is more than 80 after 2 games, then the one with lower points wins, and third round is not required. If there’s a tie at the end of three games, a fourth round is played to break it.

3. Home – at Leisure
For those who are on the lookout for a fantastic way to spend some free time at home, there is 201 rummy. It is another pool rummy variant. The goal is to keep your score low.

The player with the lowest points when all the other players have reached or crossed 201 points becomes the winner. First and second drops carry 25 and 50 points each while 80 points are given for full count score.

4. During Holidays/Festivals
Make the most of the exciting offers during holidays and festivals. Yes, that’s the time to gorge on special rummy offers. You can play any rummy variant you like or just join the game offering massive rewards, bonuses or gifts. And, you surely will experience festivities for a long time.

5. Bored of the Regular?
Well, if you are tired of the regular rummy games such as pool, deals or points, just try the rummy tourneys. You will feel the excitement level going up as you move up the tourney level by level.

Enough reasons already. Online rummy games have the power to make up your day. Go download rummy app on your mobile to get this amazing fun on the go!

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