5 Common Misconceptions about Online Mobile Games

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2020)

Online mobile games have become a global rage in the recent times. The global gaming market is expected to exceed $180 billion in revenues in 2021, growing 30.6% from $137.9 billion in 2018.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Online Mobile Games

With new games being introduced every now and then, players were given ample choices to select from.

Games with great user interface and user experience have attracted more and more players with time. Today, smart phones come equipped to support mobile gaming, thus making it a great gaming experience for players.

So you can simply take your video game in your pocket and play anytime, anywhere. Specific advancements like unlimited data plans, faster processing speeds and great interface have set the stage for engaging game-play.

This affinity towards mobile gaming has also seen the rise in skill games like rummy.

Especially in India, where rummy is played in festivals like Diwali, Ugadi & other, online rummy has taken the market by rage as more and more players are finding it exceedingly entertaining and rewarding.

Inspite of such boom in the online gaming market, people still have certain misconceptions about mobile gaming.

So let us understand 5 common misconceptions about online mobile games today:

1. Mobile gaming is a waste of time:

This is possibly the most common myth and people have believed in it for a long time. Especially in today’s world when people are encouraged to take up any form of physical activity to stay fit, sitting at one place and playing on mobile is looked down upon by many.

However, playing mobile games is not bad always. Certain games will actually need a lot of intelligence; presence of mind and can actually sharpen your memory or improve the productivity.

So if anybody plays skill building games for a reasonable amount of time, then it’s actually good.

2. You have to shell out money:

The global gaming market sees huge players adding every year and to be able to cater to their vast demands they create customized games for all sections.

So if you think you need to pay and play games, then it’s grossly wrong! Numerous first rated games are free! In fact, gaming companies prefer launching free games so that they can cater to a vast segment of gamers.

So if you have been holding yourself back for money, then it’s time to go out and explore the free mobile games!

3. It’s addictive:

No, it’s not! If you see, someone moving from one level of game to another that does not mean addiction, always.

Casual mobile games are all about fun and challenging your capability or intelligence. The higher the levels the greater concentration and skill is required by the players.

Therefore, if you love your fun-game of matching colors or popping the balloons, then rest assured that you are not addicted but simply having fun!

4. All mobile games means apps:

Now this is basic technology knowledge and laymen generally don’t get it. So mobile games can be apps or also mobile websites.

It all depends on the developing company as to what target audience they have. Mostly gaming apps are specific to their operating system like specific mobile apps for iOS or android. While HTML5 web apps work, cross platform and thus loved by many.

5. It’s not secure:

While there have been cases of genuine concern of safety and security, but most of the online mobile games provided by reputed gaming companies are secured.

Most importantly, while you select a game to play please look out for their safety and security seal, also if any legal certification is needed for that type of game.

It is advisable to check the reputation of the site/game and read reviews before disclosing confidential information.

Therefore, now that most commons myths are busted, you can go ahead and start playing!

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