Time to Collect Another Rs. 2 lakh in Cash Back!

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

It’s been a great time with so many winners claiming their winnings so far, this month! And, we are glad to present the winners list. Check out the leader board.

classic rummy december promotins

Santa has been real generous to the top players, and he has got a load of gifts still left for more top players. Do you wish to get his gifts? Well, go through the offers below and participate to win Rs. 2 lakh in cash back and 5% extra bonus for a week!

Offer 1: Pools & Deals Stars
Just as the name suggests, the top players in pools and deals rummy will become the rummy stars. Every week, the top 10 wagerers in each category – pool and deals rummy – will win a share of Rs. 1 lakh cash back! So, that’s a total cash back reward worth Rs. 4 lakh this month.

Offer 2: A Merry Strikes Offer
All the strikes rummy lovers… you are in for a really exciting gift. The top 20 players with the highest wagering in strikes rummy will be rewarded with an extra 5% bonus on ALL deposits for the next seven days! Yes, that’s one entire week of extra bonus for you!

So, hurry up and play well to win your share!

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